Application Instances

After an application has been configured, an instance of it can be deployed to the cloud.

Create an Application Instance

  • To create a new Application Instance, the user has to select <Create Instance> at the top right side of application list item.


Prior to the deployment some settings can be configured:

  • Genereal settings concerning the deployment infrastructure.

  • Security mechanisms such as Intrusion Prevention Mechanism (IPS), Security Operations Center (SOC), Intrusion Detection Mechanism (IDS)

  • Interface parameters

  • Environmental variables of the components.

  • Advanced options such as network mode host or priviliged mode


The user can also:

  • Specify the minimum and maximum amount of workers per node that control the scalability profile of the application.

  • Set Health Check Commands and Entrypoint Execution Commands

  • Map Volumes

  • Mange Component Plugins

  • Manage components’ labels

Deploy an Application Instance

  • By pressing “Proceed” the deployment starts.

  • At the Instances View, the user can see the list of deployed instances, identifiers and their status.

  • Deployment procedure needs few minutes to finish. The user is constantly informed by viewing the logs aggregated from all the nodes of the application.
    • The total deployment time depends on the cloud infrastructure selected, as the spawning of new VMs might take more time in some IaaS.

    • Total time is also affected by the network delays between the cloud infrastructure and the docker registry that is used to fetch the components container image.

  • When deployment finishes all nodes turn green
    • On the instance list the application is shown as “DEPLOYED”.