• After the needed components have been defined, the user can proceed with the definition of the application.

  • The application will be created through the help of a visual graph editor and then will be available for deployment.

View Available Applications

By selecting Applications from the left sidebar menu, the user is redirected to the list of the available applications.


Create An Application

  • To create a new Application, the user has to select <Create new> at the top right corner of the page.

  • The user is redirected to the visual edito, where the application components are presented as the nodes of a graph.

  • The connection between the nodes is describing the interfaces between the components - services.

  • Through the left side panel, the components can be retrieved and added to the editor.

  • By selecting the required interface and dragging it to another node, the connection between the interfaces of the components can be done.

  • This procedure is followed until all required interfaces have been connected in order to save a valid application graph.